Morning with a toddler

Morning with a toddler:

9:30   Begin getting ready for our romp and stomp library class, for which we need to leave the house at 10:15. Put on three AND A HALF year old Maggie’s clothes.

9:45   Make packed lunch to take to the park after library class.

10:00 Mommy gets dressed.

10:10 Maggie decides going to the library is the worst idea ever.

10:14 Maggie, yelling her library protest, kicks off her shoes. She does not remember where they are.

10:20 Give up on finding shoes. Put on rainboots. It is a bright, sunny day.

10:30 Park near library. Convince Maggie to at least walk to library to return book. She is adamant that she does not want to go to library class.

10:33 Maggie wants to go to library class.

11:15 Library class is over. It was so much fun! Let’s go every day!

11:16 Mommy realizes that in the dash to find toddler shoes, she left her lunch on the counter. Fortunately she remembered Maggie’s. We split a PB&J sandwich. Maggie is against sharing her apple slices.

These days. These are the ones I want more of, the ones I’m working my schedule around because I don’t want to miss them, even when they involve missing shoes, and I have to put on a sweatshirt of questionable cleanliness because I’ve lost the battle with laundry, and I owe $100 in library fines (true story. I’m sorry, library ladies, you are very nice to us. I promise I am going to try to be more responsible).

But the wonder in Maggie’s eyes, and how she pronounces the words she’s learning, and those angel kisses across her nose. Oh those angel kisses. I want to look at them forever, but I know they won’t stay just that way, so for now, we’ll go to the library in our rainboots so I have enough memories tucked away to last.


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