My heart feels wrapped in love

election-day-2016Just voted. As I walk away from the polling place, I can feel my heart in my chest. It feels like it is wrapped in love.

There is an old, deep wound that I carry, that I’ve carried for almost as long as I’ve known my name. It is a girl child in a church pew, in a church where there could never be a woman pastor. The church believed in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, so I didn’t understand why the Holy Spirit in me wasn’t as qualified to lead as the Holy Spirit in boys, but apparently it wasn’t. I wasn’t.

I grew up, read and traveled and lived both in and beyond the church, and there were more, similar woundings.

I’ve largely made my peace, mostly by saying, in actions & words, “That’s bullshit.” Today I said it with my vote.

My heart feels wrapped in love.


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